Jewelry Care

At Mara'J Boutique, we want our bracelets to be with you for years. To help ensure that your bracelets do not tarnish quickly, it is important to take care of your jewelry. Bracelets worn regularly will come in contact with natural and foreign objects that can cause them to wear and tear quicker.

How quick? Well, it depends on you!

Here are a few quick tips: 


1. Avoid exposure to water: This includes, but is not limited to washing dishes, using lotions or perfumes, showering, avoid jewelry cleaners, and even sweating. Keep the bracelets dry!


2. Store properly/Handle with care: Place bracelets in a secure place to avoid damage. Carelessly mishandling cause beads to become damaged, such as chipping. One helpful tool is a common zip-lock bag. Place the bracelets in the bag, getting rid of as much air as possible. This prevents oxidization. 


3. Provide An Overlaying Protectant: Applying clear nail polish or a protectant spray such as, Krylon (Crystal Clear) provides a protection layer for your bracelets.


4. Treat it as High-End Jewelry: If your bracelets aren't worn continuously, they will remain in great condition. 


5. Popping Prevention: When putting your bracelet on and taking it off, pull from the end of the bracelet where the Mara'J charm is located. If you pull from the opposite end, this is where the knot is located and if pulled too hard, it can result in the bracelet breaking.